Call of Duty Ghosts Clans Recruitment


Our clan is ready to dominate on the PS3 and XBox

For better communication with the clan we ask to have the COD ghost app in order to keep in contact with clan. If not it's ok.

xDEMONxNINJASx is currently recruiting new members for COD GHOSTS. Our clan is small so there is still time for you to become a leader.

We don't have any restrictions in how good you are or if you’re a founder. We are just looking for loyal, active players who respect our clan and play the objective. We play all game modes.

We are looking for daily players who play on PS3 and XBox. If you are interested leave a message below with your ID

Send request to LOUD--NINJA either on PS3 or Ghost app.

Or search for us on the new COD ghost app xDEMONxNINJASx and send application.

Apply today!!

Everyone is welcome.

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