Clan Wars: Costa Rica and Clan Wars: Cape Town Rewards

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Clan Wars: Costa Rica and Clan Wars: Cape Town Rewards

Clan Wars: Costa Rica and Clan Wars: Cape Town have completed.  Congratulations to all the victors and to everyone who helped push their clans forward to success in this war!  The amount of dedication and effort the community poured into this game was nothing short of astounding.


Rewards will be distributed over the next 72 hours to both Diamond and Bronze-Platinum divisions.

For those who were victorious in Gold and below: your efforts will be rewarded by promotion into the next division.

NEW! For those who came in second or third in Platinum and below: fear not, your efforts will also be rewarded!  You will be, at a minimum, retained in your current division for your efforts, and might even be promoted if your efforts were valorous enough.

Europe Region Diamond Division

Some time zone code went astray and inadvertently caused mobile clients in the final round of the European Diamond Division to display that the War was over an hour before it was scheduled to complete. Although all matches kept counting and the problem was resolved before the war's conclusion, we recognize that the lack of display had an impact on some wars.

In order to make it right, we will be giving European region Clans final rewards, Diamond leaderboard points and placement based on the greater of their rank as-of 10:00pm GMT and 11:00pm GMT.

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