Call of Duty Ghosts Clans Recruitment

Clueless NBS Clan

Hello, I'm a clan Leader and my name is Krista or Kris for nickname.

I'm the Leader of Clueless NBS, we named our clan after the Clueless Patch and NBS stands for Natural Born Shooters.

My Lt. Commander wanted me to add that so I did. I am in need of more clan members, our clan is level 16 going on 17

and we have 20 members. Some are active more than others, but we need a bit more help during Clan Wars.

We don't have rules, just made the clan for fun and to participate in Clan Wars. And for friends to be apart of something

together. If we plan to do an upcoming clan war we will let you know the date and time when it starts. If you join us and

you can't help much or at certain times we will understand, we all have lives aside from gaming. And you will stay apart

of our clan. And we don't care about K/D, come as you are~

I have an Xbox 360 and our Clan is on Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Please comment or message me on Xbox if you wish to join, Gamer Tag: WingedLover45

Please note if you read this.

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