(EU) (Xbox360) (Platinum Division)

Call of Duty Ghosts Clans Recruitment

(EU) (Xbox360) (Platinum Division)

We are a new clan.

We one our first clan wars (gold division) which means we have been promoted to platinum.

We are level 13 but looking for new members, we accept any age but must be mature.

You must be active during clan wars.

The clan KD is 1.22 and W/L is 51%.


Must be English,

Have a 0.9 kd,

Must be mature.

If you want to join message IX Drogba IX,

apply to XIX HQ,

or  post a reply with your gamer tag.

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Re: (EU) (Xbox360) (Platinum Division)

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hey would like to join my gt is BenMBoy

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