Give Players an Incentive to Play Clan vs Clan

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Give Players an Incentive to Play Clan vs Clan

As it stands now clan vs clan is basically dead. Nobody wants to play it unless they seek competition, sure you get 10x as much cxp for winning a game but the player xp a person gets is significantly lower, stats from CvC count for pubs, and one can always just play regular pubs to get cxp. Plus this playlist make people angry because it doesn't ban according to MLG/GB rules, not everything is unlocked (so players that are have more squad points have an advantage, and there is no difference between a win in pubs and a win in CvC (as well as other stats). At least for bare minimum give clans competitive leagues or ranks in which they must climb the ladder and continue to the next ladder until they reach the top. If Ghosts wants to go above and beyond improve upon treyarch's league-play with stat differences, etc.

Right now Clan vs Clan is just a crappier knockoff of league-play and it was promised it would be just like it if not better. Heck the community manager even said it would follow gb rules but of course it doesn't. It's just a lame excuse to hype players and false advertise

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