Looking for a clan

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Looking for a clan

New to all of this clan stuff but I'm looking for a clan on Xbox 1.

Gamertag: CoachFools

KDR: Would be over 1 but my dad has recently been addicted to the online gameplay and he is brutal haha.

I'm a pretty competitive but laid back guy and fun to play with. I normally play at night between 5-12pm cst.

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Re: Looking for a clan

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lethal gaming 1 search on app apply

winners of every clan war well know clan here is there website and twitter mate http://www.lethalxgaming.com/

Lethal Gaming™ (LethalGaming_) on Twitter

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Re: Looking for a clan

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where are you located?

we are fairly active, but not highly competitive to where we drop everything to play.  we compete in clan wars platinum division and have finished 1st, 2nd and 2nd in our only 3 wars thus far.

add me if you want.  Sledgehammer IV

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