[PC] [Platinum Clan] Recruiting players

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[PC] [Platinum Clan] Recruiting players

Quick rundown: Platform: PC Clan name: Good Night My Treasure (GNMS) [[God Natt Min Skatt in swedish]] Clan Level: 13(40% towards 14) Clan Division: Platinum

Hi everyone! We are a clan of, as of typing this, 7 active players (6 of us from sweden, but does not stop others from joining!) We're searching for more people to play with, and to try and actually be relatively competetive in the clan wars front in order to unlock patches/skins and whatnot and to just have a good time of course! Not sure if there is much else to add, we're all well above 18 years of age and play actively enough; generally 4-5days a week we have some game session going on We play Domination mainly(PC curse, not that much else other than TDM to play) and have good success playing around there!

Things we require of you aren't that rough, you don't have to play every day or any such nonsense You do, however, need to be able to, well, play! If you huddle in a corner in domination while we're behind, we will notice other than that, K/D is just a number and win/loss slightly trumps that in terms of 'requirements' - but mostly we just need to see you play the game!

contact: add me on http://steamcommunity.com/id/CherryRaptor

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