Pinecrest Posse (4PCP) PS3 clan members wanted

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Pinecrest Posse (4PCP) PS3 clan members wanted

We are at lvl 6 less then 1000 cxp away from 7 and looking to recruit new members for our clan and the upcoming clan wars.

Our clan k/d right now is at 1.40 and we are looking for players that have a 1.00 k/d or higher.

we are also hoping that you have a mic or headset that way communication is a lot easier between us all, but if not it is ok we can work around it.

so far our main games are tdm and some dom. we don't play much if any hardcore at all.

the clan leaders are Matty5589 and Nacho_The_Great

we are hoping to get atleast 10 members before clan wars but if we get more that is great and we are hoping to get our gold clan tags also before clan wars starts up.

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