RaD1, recruiting new members PS3/PS4

Call of Duty Ghosts Clans Recruitment


RaD1, recruiting new members PS3/PS4

Me and group of buddies finally decide to officially start a clan for Black Ops 2 and will continue on into Ghosts. We only have about 12 members and are really looking forward to the clan wars on Ghosts. Considering we are spread out in various areas of the US its hard for all of us to play at the same time and we are really wanting to take full advantage of the clan wars option in this game.

We are looking for a solid group of people to add to the ranks, there aren't many/if any major requirements to join the clan. We are a very lively bunch that really enjoys having a lot of fun playing, we don't take ourselves to seriously and only ask for the same in new recruits. We all have Mics, and would request you have one.

We have at least a few guys on every night, if you are interested message me or feel free to apply to the clan.

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