[ps4][USA] SIRE/Precision Society for ghosts

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[ps4][USA] SIRE/Precision Society for ghosts

Hey I'm looking for active players who just want to be in a clan on ps4 . Clan is called Precision Society but we'll use the in game tag of sire, reason being my phone broke and I can't access the cod app to edit anything in the clan. Looking for decent to good players who play pretty often. Don't have to be a god or have any specific k/d ratio as long as you're decent and not new to the game. I'd prefer if you have a mic to communicate especially in game modes like SnD. Won't be a game-mode-specific clan so looking for people who are cool to play anything. I'll relist the reqs down below:

Preferred requirements:

-Plays often, at least every other day (doesn't go missing for a week lol)

-Decent or higher skills (If I had to choose probably at LEAST a .8)

-Will be chill with the other members, not starting arguments or anything


If you're interested just shoot me a friend request on ps4 user: RyzarKilth

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Re: [ps4][USA] Sire/Precision Society for ghosts

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If you guys are ever looking to merge with an already established Gaming Community, check us out at BHLGaming.

We have a fully functional website with years of experience (around since '09) that you and your clan members would be able to utilize and communicate to each other through. You wouldn't need to alter the way you guys run, change your in-game clan name or anything...you would just be under our wing. We have tons of members you would be able to game with in Clan Wars and Pub Matches so you guys would never need to game alone. You even have the chance to win prices such as very cool looking controllers from are sponsor Evil Controller and have a chance to win one of are many giveaways we host!

Look forward to hearing back from you. At the very least have a look http://bhlgaming.com/forums/ .

And if you do decide to sign up make sure my name "MichaelBWelch" is in the referral box on the sign up page so I am notified and be able to answer and questions you have and be the first to welcome you BHL!

My username on there is "MichaelBWelch" if you have any questions.

Take care.


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