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Re: Boosting...

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     Apparently the tactical insertion has been removed.

Still though, everything else you thought of will be abused.

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Re: Boosting...

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They DO take measures to address it. The forums are full of people complaining they got banned, MSs forum is full of people that got banned.

Just make sure 100 percent that they are boosting , then report them and move on.

No company can prevent boosters no matter how much they try. Even without tac inserts people will still boost.

They ban people permanently off XBL for something as simple as making your Avatar blue. They just get banned, make a new Gamertag and do it all over again.

Only REAL way I can consider that WILL get something done is make the children pay for their own XBL account. Then when they get banned they can kiss their own 60 bucks goodbye and have to pay all over again.

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Re: Boosting...

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It would be awesome if they found a solution to it.  Actually, I have one..  Squads mode earns you less xp then multiplayer online mode.  But in all seriousness, the game has bigger issues than boosting in my opinion. I'm giving CoD one last try to make it right this year.  If 2 people want to go hunt each other for XP, then whatever. I can always join another lobby.
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