Menu UI/Challenges.... WHAT? WHY? WHO ASKED FOR THIS?

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Menu UI/Challenges.... WHAT? WHY? WHO ASKED FOR TH...

Broad complaint...

The menu UI is an unintuitive piece of shit. Who ever designed this obviously wasn't thinking of accessibility more like... how do we hide this feature so you have to click this then press this button the go to menu 14 and then you can change it only if you know what button to press of course....

Hearing comments in game like you can change your gender? This should not be a question? Class setup is crucial in this game... and yet its blocked off by metric ton of unnecessary garbage.

NOW the real complaint...

Why.. WHO thought it was a good idea change the challenge system. The one thing that call of duty did good was the challenges... but this time around you need to use squad points to unlock new challenges... okay thats fine... wait all the previous challenges that I made no progress in are replaced... WHY? WHY? WHY? Also the challenges their organized horribly... PLEASE update this P.O.S. A.S.A.P., you tried something new YAY now change it back.

Gameplay wise I love it... They made maps bigger... Trying to develop a new RnG meta for FFA its fun but hard...

Overall Ghosts is growing on me..... except for the challenges.... they tried to fix something that wasn't broken it make me really sad

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Re: Menu UI/Challenges.... WHAT? WHY? WHO ASKED FO...

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its still launch week, give it a little time these things are easy fixes compared to lag comp which IW doesn't completely ignore like trasharch.

but wait till the xbone and Ps4 versions come out then it most likely will fix alot of things.

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Re: Menu UI/Challenges.... WHAT? WHY? WHO ASKED FO...

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Totally agree. The menu is just horrible.

IW need to take a leaf out of Treyarch's book and design a good "barracks" section of the menu.

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