Moving while prone

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Moving while prone

Wasn't quite sure where to post this, but wanted some feedback from others

Hi everyone

Not sure if anyone noticed or if this has effected anyone, but  in MW3 if you are in the prone position(Going prone normally or by drop shot) and scoped in on an enemy with a scoped weapon, you are able to slide to the left or right using the d-pad. This makes it easier to snipe going around corners following your enemy.  For instance, before going around a corner, I sprint to a corner, go prone, and slide around the corner while I am still scoped in to get an enemy that may be waiting.

However, in Black Ops 2 if you go prone and scope in on an enemy and attempt to follow them by sliding to the left or right, the scope goes away. This always made it difficult in Black ops 2 and I would always end up getting killed because my scope would not follow enemies the same way.

If Ghost is supposed to have more of 'MW3 feel' should we expect the same type of movement in Ghost?

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Re: Moving while prone

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Yeah, its tough to say if your barrel can move past a corner.  Your shoulders/elbows can only move so far.  Do you understand?  It definitely doesn't feel right though, and there were many places where you get that tight feeling.  Carrier was one.  Anytime I sat on a plane, nope.  A tank, ok, but ...

You might just crouch first, move, then prone see if it works.  Unless they fix it.     

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