My first time reporting someone.

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My first time reporting someone.

So I was playing S&R for the first time on Ghost last night as I have been playing TDM pretty much religiously. I found it extremely fun and challenging considering I am not exactly I high level player.

But anyway to the point of this post.

I was running around using my call-outs doing the best I could to let people know what is going on, some people could care less about the objective unfortunately, and I noticed every time I died a person on the opposing team was trash talking his TEAM MATE! He was giving it to this poor kid. He was swearing and abusing this child. All he was doing was yelling call-out and such he wasn't exactly a good COD player but he was at least vocal. I was so infuriated by it I had to report this guy a number of times just to be sure it worked. I sure hope the rest of the people did the same!

But on a good note! S&R awesome fun! anyone on XBOX ONE up for a match send me an invite IronHide 720

Also any pro tips would be greatly appreciated haha

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Re: My first time reporting someone.

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Add Me my Gamertag is : I Am Undeniable

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