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Re: Upcoming Improvements to Call of Duty: Ghosts

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Totally agree with number 4.

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Re: Upcoming Improvements to Call of Duty: Ghosts

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yea the riot shield is more of a troll weapon now and the tracker sight isn't even op

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Re: Upcoming Improvements to Call of Duty: Ghosts

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yea i had a forum post about the riot shield suggesting that AP rights actually penetrate it, and some overbearing defensive guy got it locked. Riot shield/c4 combo is more annoying than getting qs'd

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Re: Upcoming Improvements to Call of Duty: Ghosts

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Agreed. Snipers are the LAST thing they should be working on right now. Riot shield def needs to be addressed, at LEAST make it so that AP rounds can penetrate it. I'm not totally against the shield, i happen to run one that i keep on my back with my AR class just to guard my back when I have to run n gun. Another problem is the people running around getting OHK with the honey badger without deadeye on and no headshots, at least on ps3(and no it's not my connection, great internet).

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Re: Upcoming Improvements to Call of Duty: Ghosts

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When is this update arriving? Before or after the Onslaught DLC?

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Re: Upcoming Improvements to Call of Duty: Ghosts

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teanah wrote:

Spawning: Spawning is one of the most talked about subjects in Ghosts, and it’s one of the most talked about subjects here at the studio as well. We’ve been addressing bugs with the current spawning system, but feel we can do more to make the experience better. We are currently working on significant changes to the spawning system based off of the learnings and play data that we have gathered over the last 5 weeks. Work is progressing here and we recently had our first internal playtest of this new system. The designers are working feverishly to get it ready to go live and we will keep you up-to-date on our progress.

Spawns are still horribly bad...

Weapon Balance/Sniper Rifles: We constantly evaluate and re-evaluate weapon balance. Any changes we make have a ripple effect throughout the game so we test things heavily before they go live.  After much feedback and many hours of internal testing, we recently made adjustments to the MSBS.

Sniper Rifles are something we are also looking into; as we said before, we changed Sniper Rifles from MW3 to Ghosts. Those changes are:

    • No aim assist from the hip, which was a huge part of how Quick Scoping worked in previous games. Players now have to aim unassisted until fully scoped in.

    • Hip fire reticles for Sniper Rifles were removed and hip spread was increased drastically. This reduces the effectiveness of hip firing with a Sniper Rifle.

    • The Quickdraw perk’s Aim Down Sight (ADS) speed scale was reduced significantly for Sniper Rifle.

Moving forward, we are testing adjustments to address the Time to Kill for Sniper Rifles versus other weapons. These Sniper Rifle balances include:

    • A reduction in the flinch benefit of the Focus perk.

    • An increase in overall ADS time.

    • Sniper Rifles with a silencer are being changed to a chest-up kill instead of a waist-up kill.

We will continue to monitor the data and balance these weapons accordingly

Hacking/Cheating: We have a dedicated Online Security department enforcing our online code of conduct for Call of Duty: Ghosts [click here]. This team is actively banning cheaters, cleaning up the leaderboards, and fixing hacked stats. The development team is fixing hacks and exploits as we find them. Please refer to the patch notes for a list of security fixes we’ve already addressed [click here]

And you can help! When you report someone in-game, it goes directly to our Online Security team and they investigate every issue. You can also report issues to Activision Support, either through twitter (@ATVIAssist) or online [click here]

Remember to send feedback to @InfinityWard or here in this thread.

Spawns are still horribly bad and utterly unacceptable....
COD is becoming nothing but snipers...The USR sniper seems particularly OP to me...
Panic knife lunge ridiculously long
Dog kills from one meter away from you

Still plenty of hacks, even saw either a wall hack or aimbot recently on PS3, and NO it wasn't recon, or an oracle this guy was using.. he could sit behind a wall and shoot people at great distances without seeing them

Thermal scopes seem a bit TOO good in ghosts, so IMO, something needs adjusted if they are so good, a majority of people use them

Vulture Killstreak is too weak and useless for 9 kill slot

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Re: Upcoming Improvements to Call of Duty: Ghosts

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Agreed on all points of this. I've also seen a rise in the amount of players that can apparently see through walls without oracle, and that's including if you run all stealth perks that keep you out of site. Also had an incident of a guy who jumped into a game the other day, me and my team unloaded a full clip on this guy and he never went down and didn't appear in the list of players currently in the match and it was not a lag issue. Seeing the kill cam when he managed to kill me, his screen was flashing constant red, his ammo never depleted, and nobody was able to report him.

On most of the big maps, I typically run a sniper with a suppressor, and of course I run blind eye, incog, and off the grid. I shoot to kill one or two enemies, make sure the coast is clear and relocate. I've had instances where an enemy runs past a wall close to me(not being able to see me at all mind you), stops and gets a headshot THROUGH a wall. Again, no way they should have known where I was let alone getting a headshot through a damn wall and knowing exactly where I was. This also goes without mentioning how many times I've seen OHK with a honey badger across the map with the player not running dead eye or getting headshots with it. No lag issues, I only experienced lag when the game first came out.

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Re: Upcoming Improvements to Call of Duty: Ghosts

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Where is Hardcore Search and Destroy??? Its really unfair that you guys brought it back for Core only, and not hardcore.

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Re: Upcoming Improvements to Call of Duty: Ghosts

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why won`t you address this awful app?

it is not compatible with most android devices

to be fair after the finding the smallprint after the miles of user comments-all bad-its does state


People for weeks have been asking about it & mods just give the "download elite app" stuff then lock the question

it is a FORUM ,how can such an important (albeit embarrassing) topic that is annoyin the whole community-be ignored?

I keep hearing Beachead as the maker of this,surely this is a COD  twist like the  frankenstein  book/Batman thing  in hijacked?

do we have to find an easter egg to unlock the app?

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Re: Upcoming Improvements to Call of Duty: Ghosts

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How about fixing the Marksman Rifles so that when I shoot someone, the shots actually register?

How about fixing Clan Details in the game so they're actually showing accurate information and being updated. Hell, how about having it show actual information on the clan. Like "Clan Member" had just won 5 games in Domination so we can see who's actually helping out in the clam wars.

How about fixing the damn dog and Support Squadmate so they don't take 10 rounds to drop in Hardcore? Especially to the damn dog's face.

How about having it so that if I have incog and blind eye on, if I don't shoot at the stupid dog, it doesn't automatically know where I am.

How about fixing it so that when my killstreaks shoot an enemy with a rocket, I don't die because my teammate was by them. The ricochet stuff is stupid. Names don't always appear, or there's nothing to indicate that they're friendly on player control kill streaks, but when I accidentally hit them, I die. That's retarded! Turn off the friendly fire in general. I'm sick and tired of dying because of it. I'm also sick and tired of people exploiting it by constantly standing in front of me because I'm not playing how they want me to play. I report them for exploiting, but I don't anything has been done about it.

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