Gamebreaking amount of lag

Call of Duty Ghosts PC

Gamebreaking amount of lag

I've been playing Call of Duty: Ghost for quite sometime now. However, recently I've been experiencing a gamebreaking amount of lag on PC. The main problem is that the game runs smoothly for 30-40 seconds. After which, I experience lag in the form of warping back a few seconds to where I was before (so not actua FPS drops I pressume. How do I fix this.

About my current setup:

- IP is in a DMZ (NAT lists open)

- Connected via a high bandwith ethernet cable (geolocation is The Netherlands)

- High-end gaming rig (costs me a lot, good graphics card, processor etc).

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Re: Gamebreaking amount of lag

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That's the game, yes. It has been like this since release, more or less. Some few folks seem to be lucky (or tolerant) enough to keep playing but it's no miracle everyone else stopped and did something else.

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