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Settings for PC

I see a lot of posts/threads related to the game being unplayable.  Ghosts runs on mine, but with lag no matter what.  I just want to see if anyone can help with my settings, for performance to where I can actually play and be able to aim without lag and slowdown....right now I just get frustrated before I can even finish a match.

not gonna sit here and say I'm great, but a decent FPS (PC) player and have playing them since quake 2 back in the day.  Can't seem to get more than a few gd kills in this with these performance issues, anyway here is my setup and hoping someone has a close match and has a setting profile that is working:

16gb RAM (ddr3 pc12800)

quad Core amd CPU @3.2


GeForce GT630 w/2Gb RAM

windows 8.1

ive tried all sorts of settings, including using the FPS unlocker.  The only way I can get a decent game going is turn off terrain detail & shadows, and it then just looks like crap.

thanks everyone, again just looking for some help.  In hindsight I would just build a new PC but hoped my current setup could run this somewhat decently...

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Re: Settings for PC

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Unfortunately the game runs terrible even for people with better configuration than yours.

Regardless of the settings (even at 800x600).

This crap needs to be fixed but I am not sure at IW they will do anything because they are ignoring on twitter even request for the damn ping number.

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Re: Settings for PC

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There's a reason why their not adding a ping number to the PC and I suspect the other platforms as well.It's 2 fold but go hand in hand, and the reason is more money grabbing.

They don't want to release ping numbers because it will show just how bad the connections are, people will only try for so long to get into a good game then give up, when it happens everyday the likelihood of buying ANY DLC has been flushed right down the toilet.

A/V and IW think we're all stupid and think we're all going to stay in ignorant bliss , very much mistaken , this post and others especially regarding connection needs to be put on EVERY platforms forum, as it unites us all in the quest of actually doing something about the game WE BOUGHT , so PLEASE GET ON AND FIX THE GAME WE PAID FOR.


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