BAN [Removed by Moderator]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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BAN [Removed by Moderator]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This player has a 7.0 KD but while playing with him in a random lobby he decided he wants to go 0-99 to start the game and only stopped because deaths do not go pass 99. I dont care what he was doing, these are exactly the types of players that need to be banned from this game entirely. PLZ look into this and get rid of him, fair to say we lost because he wanted to do this the entire match. He belongs to a clan called [Removed by Moderator] so if anyones runs into them or him I highly suggest you second guess playing in the same lobby.

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Re: BAN RUSSELL99_ELITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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You could have just reported him in the game for what ever you think he did wrong. Coming here and naming/shaming is frowned upon dude.

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Re: BAN [Removed by Moderator]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Those who you witness, or suspect, of violating the Ghosts Online Code of Conduct in-game are to be reported in-game. This is the official and most direct course of action that you can take regarding this issue.

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