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Emblems and Titles

Sorry if this has been answered before but i couldn't see it.

Anyone got confirmation what system Ghosts is using for titles and emblems (MW2 or BO2 etc) i know they have emblem editor for clans but i loved the fact you had to earn titles (calling cards) and emblems in MW2 makes game extra fun.

Thanks for any insight just need hard facts i wont buy game if its like BO1

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Re: Emblems and Titles

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Hi , based on some information that I could get in with a friend at Sony who I play co-op or online play " Sniper2 Ghost Warrior" , really execllent game .. For your question, I know that the tags / markers will be available at a certain level is reached, but no details on , the level .. But I think the levels , at least the first does not require too much EXP, then they will more each level. ! It was just my opinion. ! What is certain is that if you are the Boss , you have a special skull, get additional benefits ... and other supplements, free articles ... This is also the case when you go to buy the "Season - Pass" , you will have as leader " team " , it may be problems during meetings to establish a tactical ... It is by taking one of the following versions ; Harened the edition, or the Prestige Edition ( or there was just a camcorder color "Ghosts" ) with one of these versions , you get a card, and emblems , I think it's two medals ( plates) that's what I can tell you , if I know or learn more , I 'll let you know ... What I can tell you is that if it's just to get a card, or perhaps emblem is expensive the difference between the classic game and these versions ... For nothing but the classic game , you will have 179.90 Euros to start playing . ! Phil . ( HarpeScorpion04 )

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