Killstreak Suggestions?

Call of Duty Ghosts Playstation 3

Killstreak Suggestions?

Just a thread for fun, so try not to flame eachother, even if someone's suggestions are ridiculous.

Obviously, Killstreak suggestions for the Assault and Support classes (Specialist doesn't need any modifications). Feel free to add any details too (Killstreak cost, what it would do, any counters it might have, if any, and so on.). Remember to try to keep them balanced out and not too OP (unless they have a high cost/downside/weakness to justify the power)..

For example, a couple for Assault:

1.) A-10 Drone - I know it's already, technically, available in the Support Package as "Air Superiority", but that is solely geared to auto-killing aerial killstreaks and nothing else. This one would work similar as the single player campaign where it would take you to the IR gun camera view of the A-10 where it would make a single quick diving pass, during which time you can try to quickly target and take out enemies on the ground OR even killstreaks if you have the opportunity, but it would only last as fast as the campaign does it, so you would need to be good with your eyes and aim. Perhaps it could be a 9 to 11 killstreak, and can still be shot down with guns, launchers, or the MAAWS if you have good aim and aren't massacred. It could even be "intercepted" with the Air Superiority killstreak or, if you're lucky, be taken out with the Trinity Rocket or either type of rod from LOKI.

Of course, you'll be safe inside unless you're unlucky enough to be by a window or door and it shoots you through it, so it would be more effective in a more open map like Stonehaven, Whiteout, or Stormfront and such.

2.) Osprey Gunner - Similar to the A-10, but a 14-15 Killstreak given it would, again, work similar to the single player campaign where you would be viewed from the Osprey's cannon, and you would shoot at targets with the cannon and missiles as it quickly circles the map a certain number of times non-stop, and can still be shot down similar to the A-10.

And a couple for Support:

1.) Remote Sniper - Set it up like a Sentry Gun somewhere, then you can, of course, remote control from somewhere else, using it like the single player campaign. It would probably be an 8 or 9 Killstreak because it would OTK whoever it hits, be very accurate (like the Helo Pilot), and, similar to ODIN or LOKI, if you get killed while using it, you'd be stuck using it until it runs out or is destroyed before respawning, but it would also only have a limited number of shots (perhaps 6 shots) before it shuts off (or it gets destroyed first).

2.) Perhaps an Ammo Crate, but would give you Thermobaric Mines or Claymores you can set up around (kind of surprised the Claymore is not a Lethal this time). Perhaps 7-8 Killstreak as the normal Ammo Crate is 6. Otherwise, works like the Ammo Crate.

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