Where's my PSN DLC?

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Where's my PSN DLC?

As many PSN users already know we on PSN will not get our DLC Content until after XBL users receive theirs. I understand completely that MS paid for their exclusivity in order to entice more people to purchase their consoles. My only issue with Infinity Ward is their current lack of communication with PSN users as to when they can expect their content. For example, they (Infinity Ward) released DLC micro transactions on XBL a few weeks ago and barely made mention that PSN users will get theirs later…I know that they (Infinity Ward) have a release schedule for their products, they have too, that's basic project and program management. What I fail to understand is their reasoning in trying to keep it such a secret. I feel it's almost dismissive to the 1000's of PSN users who would just like a confirmed, versus speculative, ballpark date as to when they might be able to receive their DLC. I have asked Infinity Ward via their Twitter account for some DLC release dates but as of yet I have not received any response. If you are curious as well, maybe we can get their attention by generating a trend  with #whereismyPSNDLC or just by you, the PSN user, asking them via their Twitter account. They have over a million followers now…maybe they will be kind enough to respond to one of us. 

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Re: Where's my PSN DLC?

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add 4 weeks to whenever xbox got theirs.

has been the same for the last few years

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