[PS4] Cannot Play Multiplayer after Patch

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Re: [PS4] Cannot Play Multiplayer after Patch

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i don't know how, but it's working now. Here is what I did:

1. Full Initialization (takes 1-2 hours)

2. Installed cod ghost (disc) without internet connection

3. Allowed to completely install (maybe 30 min or so....it takes time to load all high res textures)

4. Connected to Internet and downloaded patch (started game and exited quickly)

5. Wait for patch to install and pray to the PS4 gods

6. It worked. Pw4n the noobs

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Re: [PS4] Cannot Play Multiplayer after Patch

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Hi, is it all working properly now. As last resort I want to what you've done.  It's just that I have to back up a lot things and I have ps3 so not sure if it will work.  MW3 works perfectly on multi player. As you've already pointed out, there's no help to this question.

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