classic ghosts mask SERIOUS HELP

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classic ghosts mask SERIOUS HELP

Hey its Zeus and I really messed up

I bought a classic ghost simon riley mask off ebay.

I read reports on how what to do as far as getting the mask to download on Xbox One.

read that you can redeem the code online and then download it from the web onto your console.

i was "waiting" for ghosts to update, my internet was out so i waited, waited, and then boom Ghosts actually has the redeem code option....

Annnnnd i cannot register my console. says access denied

intelligent help? no gday fake automated response robots... aka humans

but hey thanks to any intelligent people who can alleviate a 19.99 problem I have here


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Re: classic ghosts mask SERIOUS HELP

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Hey iluminatiCHAMBO,

When you redeemed the code, did it say you had successfully redeemed it? Have you tried redeeming the code on the Xbox website via computer (not mobile)? This has resolved the issue for players before, let me know if it works out for you!


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