How to keep me, and probably others as a customer

Call of Duty Ghosts Wii U

How to keep me, and probably others as a customer

Dear Activision,

First of all.. thanks for the Free Fall map on Wii U! It shows us that DLC is possible.

What I'm kinda pissed off with, is that Wii U owners are most of the time screwed with games, other platforms get much more content/support than Wii U games.

The reason? Probably lower sales, DLC will divide current player base etc etc.

Why the low sales? Well.. maybe you gave us a game that had the same retail value as any other platform but with less features than other platforms.

The only reason I have this game now, is because I wanted a FPS game I know I like for the Wii U, but I knew from the start I would not get any more content than that's on the disc, so Free Fall was a kind suprise. And I got it like half price, seemed fair, half content, half price.

Now.. because of Free Fall, my guess is that me and lots of other people want the full ODIN package. Because we know that it's possible!

To be sure the player base won't be divide that much, I'd suggest to sell us the Season Pass only, maybe for a little reduced price for some period. That way it's more likely that in all DLC packs the same people are still online and not only in Onslaught and later on other DLC packs those people don't want to buy another DLC pack.

Or, if Season Pass only is a bit to much, then let us WiiU owners download the full thing, but only have access to it when we buy the correct pack. The only thing we sort of get free is the maps, but people without the DLC can't choose those maps themself or maybe even vote for that map and ofcourse they can't access the weapons.. only through pickup if someone else is killed that has got the weapon.

If we won't receive any future DLC in this game.. and the next CoD for Wii U will not receive any DLC either, it's unlikely I will buy the next installment.

I do not need an answer like "Yes, we're doing it" but a "We are looking through the possibilities and we might do it" or even a "No we won't" I would be happy, then we know what to expect.

Even if it's not possible to add the full DLC packages on WiiU, adding maps is possible as we've seen, then atleast give us the new maps.

I know this looks like a letter, but I needed a way to describe how I think about it.

Hopefully we Wii U owners can receive some support and acknowlegdement that we are also customers willing to buy your products.

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Cool story bro & welcome to the forum.

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Motherf***** you stole my line... LOL!

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