Patch from 3-4-14: The final sendoff?

Call of Duty Ghosts Wii U

Patch from 3-4-14: The final sendoff?

I love this game, so much that I have it for both Xbox One and Wii U. I prefer playing on the Wii U because overall, it feels smoother which means it is more enjoyable. However, as all of us know, the population on Wii U is very low comparable to Xbox One. Hardcore KC anyone?

Anyways, the Xbox One version of Ghosts is just leaps and bounds better as far as replayability over the Wii U. The main addition that the Xbox One has over Wii U? The completely revamped Operations menu. No more waiting 14 days for new Operations to appear (or buying if you prefer). With Xbox One, every operation is available. So, I can be working on my Hardcore KC with both enemy and ally tags, along with win so many Hardcore matches operations, etc. It really does add a flavor to the game with everything unlocked.

Per my topic title, do you think the patch from March 4 was the end all, be all? As usual, our faithful developers like A_Trey_U is MIA. It's odd though, with our latest patch, did it go through a quality check before releasing it? I am always surprised before every match, there is no countdown music. How was that missed? Was it taken out for a reason?

Who knows, maybe we will never know. Perhaps getting Freefall was the goodbye present from COD to Wii U (but course I hope not)

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Re: Patch from 3-4-14: The final sendoff?

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*rolls eyes* Here we go again...

Maybe, but frankly I don't care. I love playing the game as is. Honestly, I'd rather have the system for Operations that we currently have. It has gotten me to work on things I may have pushed off or avoided otherwise, and I like that. Obviously it can be good either way, depending on what you prefer personally, but...

Honestly, this is a stupid thread. In my opinion, of course. As long as you (or anyone) enjoy the game, just don't worry about it. If you do, well then I guess I don't know how to help you. Or if I even want to, depending on your attitude. (Again, all but the first sentence of this last part was a generalized comment).

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