Unplayable After Update

Call of Duty Ghosts Wii U


Unplayable After Update

Small, insignificant stuff was fixed, but the larger more heinous issues remain.

It appears that you are running a full second behind your opponents. I can only describe it as extreme lag.

Spawning is still broken. Watched a Killcam of a teammate run past an enemy spawn point where three foes spawned directly behind him and killed him straight away. In Stonehaven, snipers camping out watching the spawn points and picking off people as they arrive. Stuff like that.

Few hitmarkers if any. It looks like it's related to the above issue of running (time wise) so far behind the opponents. The characters just aren't in the position you're aiming at.

Instakills - same as above - I think the systems aren't updating the play fast enough and you get whacked.

Characters appearing and disappearing. It looks like the same issue as above (time lag). You look and you're in the clear, all of a sudden you're dead, Killcam shows you being shot by someone in the open but they don't appear until the last frame you see. Stuff like that.

It's the gesture of an update that counts, I guess - and thank you for that, but the way it is now (I think) is worse than it was before.

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