5 legit reasons why CoD ghosts is the worst CoD

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Re: 5 legit reasons why CoD ghosts is the worst CoD

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1) the spawns on kill confirmed are f*ckin terrible. I got spawn trapped playing kill confirmed on Tremor. I swear, IW make the spawns worse every year.

2) The maps suck!   chasm, whiteout, stormfront, overlord and siege are too  big for 6vs6. They always get downvoted in the lobby. Thus, indicating bad map design. No CoD in the past has had so many maps which get down-voted...

3) No innovation.  Pick 10 system (ripped from BO2) and recycled MW3 Strike packages. bleh....

4) low health + peer 2 peer servers= FAIL

5) You have to pay to get extra class setups. Errrrm....why?  In past CoD games you would prestige and get extra class setups as a reward. IW are so greedy!

1) Personally, I've found KC to have the least problems with spawns. It's TDM and Blitz that really get me caught up on the wrong side of spawn trapping, especially on certain maps like Warhawk, Freight, and Soverign.

2) The only maps I don't like in this game are Overlord and Siege. Overlord is decent for objective games, but too much camping in the middle can ruin it. Dont even get me started on the atrocity that is Siege. If Siege was larger making the map a square instead of a rectangle, it might of been good, but the most basic complaint I can make about it is that it is too elongated and the tri-section divisions of the map are horrid. As for Whiteout and Stormfront, if you don't enjoy a good sniping map from time to time, then the variety of playstyles you utilize has to be fairly boring and limited. Chasm is not even that large, just awkward and clunky, try it 4v4, particularly Clan v Clan made me like that map.

3) I think stripping the perk class restrictions is quite innovative, and the variety and balance of perks, weapons, and attachments with the killstreaks is admirable for a CoD game. Even of the Assault killstreaks I don't like, I never get too bent out of shape when they're being used against me because there aren't that many OP killstreaks.

4) We all wanted dedicated servers and they never gave it to us, so what? Suck it up and deal with it, eventually some day we'll get dedicated servers, it's not like we haven't dealt with that in all of CoD history before Ghosts.

5) You say greedy but if you play any game anywhere else in the industry, you have certain add ons to the game that cost money. I used to only use 6 classes when I played MW3, I only ever wanted 7 for that game. The fact that most of the people I know think that 60 classes, 6 classes each for 10 different character loadouts, is far too much says that you really haven't thought about the variety you can enact in class setups for this game. In previous games, when you prestige you lost everything you had unlocked thus giving you 10 classes total, but with Ghosts you get 60 or 100 classes total depending on if you bought the extra slots or not. And seriously, you don't have $2? I bought the wolf just because I was bored and two bucks wasn't much for me at the time, so of course I had an extra two to spare for extra slots. The majority of people out there don't need that many slots per character, that's why it is a cheap add on. Customization packs will be bought, but if you don't want to spend the money, then don't do it, but don't complain about it just because you're poor.

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Re: 5 legit reasons why CoD ghosts is the worst CoD

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"hey, lets tell people it runs on dedicated servers so they buy it and then charge them to get extra class setups! "

i dont see how you can defend IW for that way of thinking....

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Re: 5 legit reasons why CoD ghosts is the worst CoD

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1.  Now I don't really remember us having as much trouble with the spawn system in MW2 or having it very often in the first Black Ops but I'm sure we probably did it's part of playing the game and honestly when was the last game the community didn't complain about the spawns in a game.  When BO2 came out people raged about the spawns being garbage then in MW3 people raged about the spawns being garbage it's the nature of the game we play and it's in most every shooter really.  You'll see it on most maps as soon as the game starts where do a lot of players on your team go they run right for where the enemy team should be coming from and if they kill them and make it to where they are spawning in from the spawns flip it's just in this game the spawns flip really fast and where the game considers a safe area isn't always so safe.  I've died and seen a friend die right after me only to see us spawned on two different sides of the map with him going why are you over there right as I get shot by 4 enemies at once since they all spawned around me I just consider it my turn in the barrel it happens to us all it's about player placement on the maps is all it'll likely always be a problem when you have mulitiple players in any game unless the maps are huge almost nowhere is safe especially when teams have a lot of people whos goal is to make it into the enemy spawn and try to kill you as you're spawning in.  I don't see them as being any worse than they have been in other COD titles.

2. Honestly I like most all the maps on this game some more than others oh except for that Freefall oh how I hate that map too much clutter too much smoke in too small of an area.  I think the larger maps are a nice improvement I always thought it was funny playing a hijacked or a nuke town over and over and over they gave us a little diversity some maps are smaller than others we'll probably start seeing larger maps because it's the beginning of the bridge onto the next gen consoles where bigger maps will probably become a norm as the consoles become more powerful and can handle rendering the larger map areas and actually those larger maps you speak of depending on player placement I usually seem to have an easier time spawning in because of more area to spawn in.  The days of linear map design are long gone now we have flank route after flank route but it's more realistic than in the past in what world is there only one street in a town to go down.

3.  There is only so much innovation you can have in a game where you use a gun and point and shoot there will never be a reinvent the wheel moment in a fps I'm afraid to say but I must say the devs listened when people cried oh the streaks are overpowered well in this game you get to use something called your gun to do the work no pave low chopper gunner to get 10-15 easy kills in a few secs that's an innovation they tried to get us back to gun play.  I do kinda miss my harrier and various airstikes though.

4.  Low health eh it's not so much the health as it is the damage of the weapons pointed at you it's still based on the 100 it's been for a while and honestly this game runs much smoother for me than the last couple I don't have those out of body experiences I did in BO2 where my character model was a second ahead of my real player box letting people see me before I see them I still get the rubber band bullet ever once in a while but not the garbage ones like MW3 or BO2 or even BO where I could take cover behind something the enemy keep shooting and a blood spatter appear in midair and I die.  I believe the removal of the theatre mode helped with some of the lag not as much going on at once for the game to process.

5.  I seem to remember back in the day you started with only a few class setup and you had to prestige to get them now I am kinda sad that prestiging really feels hollow and worthless in this game but they give you the chance at getting like 60 without much trouble and the 100 if you want to pay a few dollars but whats the point with 6 on each character surely everyone has a tool for every situation with one of the 6.

This game certainly isn't the worst it isn't the best either every one is always going to have flaws and it's impossible to please all the people all the time.  I've played since COD4 and with every call of Duty you have to change your play style a little adapt a little experiment and see what works the best for you I feel like it's still the best the best fps franchise available I enjoy playing

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Re: 5 legit reasons why CoD ghosts is the worst CoD

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Black ops 2 you could have extra classes, but later in the game they made you pay for extra class sets. In ghost every squad can be a different load out (classes for SnD, DOM, Blitz etc). 5 classes per game type is enough for me and to get more is still a cheap amount of money.

I personally don't play KC, its not a MLG game type so i can give two craps less about it.

There is always a ton of maps terrible on COD some more tolerable than others, but very few actually get played on. (or make Gb/MLG variant maps all COD are limited out of the originals for them literally just a handful).

Still takes the same amount of bullets to kill someone, you may refer to amount of range drop offs all guns have.

Its not the pick ten system, My perks alone equal 11 points, Than if you count the primary I have the Remington with Red dot and fore grip that would be 14. Or if you count the amount of perks i have thats 5 and a primary with 2 attachments.

I don't know whats to wrong with the strike packages I like having the option from specialist to assault. (don't really care for support).

(this game i do have the lowest K/D i have ever had 2.32, but i also took a half a year break before coming back and playing COD and i've played roughly 80% solo).

Granted this isn't the best COD i can usually entertain myself for a hr or two every once in a while in PUBS. However you have to run around continuously or i get bored after a game or 2. 

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Re: 5 legit reasons why CoD ghosts is the worst CoD

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Maybe you should play hardcore, the spawns are not bad at ALL!!!!!

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