A couple of suggestions

Call of Duty Ghosts XBOX 360

A couple of suggestions

I Am having some games where I lag and unlike previous installments this game does not have a way of checking your signal strength. I can't tell if I am the one with the poor connection or the other person. Also, I have been killed a number of times be reps awning and taking two or three steps and theN An enemy rrues pawns right where I did.  Anyone else having these problems or like the suggestions.

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Re: A couple of suggestions

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The spawn logic still needs work. But I have found that a team that works together can keep this from happening as much. No teamwork... expect it to keep happening.

As for seeing the signal, its kind of useless. Do what you can to improve your connection, seeing it in game is somewhat useless as it doesn't tell you all that much. I know when my stuff isn't working right, I will usually power cycle and things will be back to normal.

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Re: A couple of suggestions

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The spawns are definately better than when the game 1st came out in my opinion, but agree they still need work. Those spawns happen to everyone, you just have to take them on the chin for the moment.

As for the lag, apperantly the dedicated servers are live as well as the listen servers, but unfortunately I have no idea how to tell which you are connected too. Lag is always going to be part of online gaming regardless of dedicated servers or not. It may get less intense on the XBone due to all the Ghost games are on dedicated servers for that console I believe.

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