Challenges won't Reset after Prestige

Call of Duty Ghosts XBOX 360

Challenges won't Reset after Prestige

So, according to GameInformer, Your challenges, now known as "Operations", will not reset after a Prestige. So, when you prestige... nothing resets.

Wondering how the Forum community feels about this. I am of a two minds on this.

1) I love challenges, I love the work involved and get very bored when there is nothing to work for. That part of me wonders why they would do this. Prestige was always fun for me because I enjoyed working my way back.

2) At the same time, I have so little time to play these days that I will probably appreciate not having to earn everything more than once. I used to have time to put into the challenges, now I am lucky if I get a few hours to play. So this just might work out for me.

Thoughts? I know that if I were to have more time to play, I'd want to make sure there were a myriad of challenges to complete. Perhaps with all of the customizations and such there will be no shortage and this will be a non-issue. Wondering what everyone else has to say...

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In Ghosts, prestiging a solider not reset your operations, previously known as challenges. You get 10 soldiers, and each can be prestiged once.

When you prestige, nothing resets. You keep everything but change levels. This is a new feature to an infinity Ward game. In MW3, when you prestiged, it was all reset.

SOURCE: GameInformer

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Re: Challenges won't Reset after Prestige

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It was done to make leveling harder after your prestige. For people like me who sometimes only focused on challenges I could gain levels extremely fast by doing so. Work on several challenges then pop them in one game gain 2-3 levels at the lower levels. 1-2 at the higher ones especially if dxp was active too. Hell with dxp and challenges you could go through an entire prestige in a weekend.

The downside is less will prestige now unless it is a forced prestige. For most wont want to waste/invest the time to level up slower because of this. Unless there are some challenges that only unlock after prestige. Otherwise waste of time to prestige and level up again.

The idea was probably to try and force attention back to the game play and less about challenges after the prestige. Which also makes boosting less effective.But for those that challenges were the fun and main reason to play they now have less reason to ever prestige.

Only thing may be is if each custom soldier gets their own challenges to work through each time they are started. If it is a global set then not much of a reason to even make a second soldier once the first one is done and challenges completed.

So basically it will be for me complete one soldier to prestige level, do not prestige at all. Then start on next one and repeat. Once all 10 are done trade in game for something else. Probably FM5 or Destiny or TitanFall or BF4 which ever I don't have at that time or something else entirely at that point. No reason to continue playing once all 10 are at prestige ready level.

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