Dedicated Servers on All Versions of Ghosts Announced.

Call of Duty Ghosts XBOX 360

Dedicated Servers on All Versions of Ghosts Announced.

So, according to the article below, Mark Rubin announced that all versions, Current Gen, Next Gen, and PC, will have Dedis. Thoughts?

Do you think this will revolutionize CoD or will it make for a frustrating experience as they break in the servers over the first few months? Will the change ultimately make or break the series?

Call of Duty: Ghosts‘ multiplayer will be backed by dedicated servers on every version of the game, executive producer Mark Rubin revealed on Twitter today.

“Dedicated servers will be used on current gen, next gen, and PC with Ghosts,” Rubin wrote. “And, in order to make sure that people have the best possible experience regardless of platform, location, or connection, Ghosts will be using a hybrid system of dedicated servers and listen servers.”

Listen servers function like dedicated servers, but through residential Internation connections via local hosting (client-side hosting). Dedicated servers, of course, bring reliability and performance benefits, such as the elimination of low-latency advantage that comes with player-hosted multiplayer sessions.

Dedicated servers were previously confirmed only for Ghosts‘ Windows PC and Xbox One versions.

“So no matter where you are, the game will always be trying to give you the best online performance possible,” Rubin added.

Call of Duty: Ghosts launches on Windows  PC, PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii U November 5. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions will be part of the consoles’ respective launch lineups come November 15 (November 29 in Europe) and November 22, respectively.

Source: TwitLonger

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Re: Dedicated Servers on All Versions of Ghosts Announced.

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No doubt there will be problems to start with but hopefully it'll make the game less frustrating once teething problems are fixed.

I also think it depends where the servers are based. Will people from Europe have servers based in Europe? Or will they just be based in the US?

I'm definitely happy about this new. I'm getting Ghosts first on the 360 and then on the PS4 when I get one. It's nice to know I'll get servers for both platforms.

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