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I got my xbox one and my Ghosts on Friday, 11/22. I set up the console, downloaded Ghosts and played ONE game of multiplayer on Ghosts. Than went to bed. I got up went to work on Saturday, got home after and logged in and received: "ERROR The call of Duty:Ghosts server is not available at this time. Please try again later or visit for updates". Well this web addy does nothing for me and it's asking me to check it. /confused.  It is now, one week and i still get the same error message. Is anyone able to help me with this? Last night, I un-installed the game and re-installed it (offline). And still get the same Error message. I know servers are up. Status shows servers are up. Friends in same city are able to play.  Thanks in advance for any help all. /frustrated.

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There is an XBOX One Forum where you might have better luck, someone may be having the same issues.

Until then, try resetting your router and modem and make sure you have all your setting correct.

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