Hopes for DLC/Patch stuff?

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Re: Hopes for DLC/Patch stuff?

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Well, in homie's defense, I was kinda hoping to be able to make my squad clones of myself. You know, like, why can't we choose our characters' pubic hair color? I know you may think that kinda stupid, but while I am thankful for something so important as character customization, if I really had to think about my character's characteristics, I'd rather imagine my own pubic hair on those guys instead of someone else's. It's kinda gross, dontcha think? To realize that, hey, your COD character looks different from yourself ... in EVERY way.

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Re: Hopes for DLC/Patch stuff?

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I would like to see extra custom class slots added, riot shields fixed, and amplify removed from SnD. I don't care at all for character customization.

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