How are the pointstreaks?

Call of Duty Ghosts XBOX 360

How are the pointstreaks?

Hi guys.  I don't have the game yet, but I plan on getting it with my Xbox One, and I was just wondering how the pointstreaks are.  I've seen what they all are, but I'd like to know how they play out.  They all seem fine to me except for one issue.  There is no airstrike.  Do you guys feel the same way?  Or is there some other substitute that replaces the airstrike good enough?  I don't mind not having a lot of air-streaks, but the airstrike in my opinion was always a staple.

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Re: How are the pointstreaks?

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Firstly they are not point streaks they are kill streaks.. Secondly they suck. The streaks are pretty much entirely useless. The UAV system now is trash. The only way to get care packages is by completing field orders and by getting an Odin Satellite which is a support streak.. the Assault streaks are complete garbage lol.. ive called in multiple battle hinds and have yet to get a single kill with it and the guard dog is pretty retarded. The streaks are pretty much useless

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