In Game Footage of Camos

Call of Duty Ghosts XBOX 360

In Game Footage of Camos

     In one of IGN's recently uploaded Ghosts video, it seems that the opposing enemy team, 6 AI Bots, had camouflages on their weapons. Throughout the game, there were some killcams that showed a short glimpse of a few camos we will be seeing in Call of Duty Ghosts.

Video Link : NEW GHOSTS IN GAME FOOTAGE OF CAMOS | Never Seen Before - YouTube

There are a total of six potential camos shown in the video;

1st Camo: Black and White (Smokey)

2nd Camo: Orange and Yellow (Tiger like)

3rd Camo: Black with Decor (Dia de Meurtos like)

4th Camo: Graphic Camo (Some sort of picture)

5th Camo: Yellow and Black (Wasp)

6th Camo: Blue Digitial (Definitely Blue Digital)

So this may be our first look into six of the many camos we will see in Call of Duty Ghosts. What's your opinion on them?

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Re: In Game Footage of Camos

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Would be better to simply rip the images from the video and post them here for the community as opposed to burying the content a minute deep into your video. Food for thought as we're pretty strict with how people post YouTube content here.

Thanks for taking the time to actually type up a proper description though.

Edit: Pet peeve: If it's part of something that was officially done by the developers, then it is a teaser. If it is part of something that wasn't explicitly announced or done officially, then, and only then, is it a leak. How the community does not grasp this I do not know.

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Re: In Game Footage of Camos

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Camos are very low on my list of importance for this game.

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