Why I'm going back to Black Ops II

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Why I'm going back to Black Ops II

     I'm gonna keep this simple:

1. The maps are too large for 6v6.

2. R5, AK-12, M-27, MTAR are the only competitive weapons (as long as it's not Strikezone)

3. The spawns are so random, it's like FFA in TDM.

4. You die so fast, there is less of a skill-curve involved because it's first-to-see-gets-the-kill.

5. All then new versions of the Maniac are a bit cheesy.

6. There are 2 remakes of Dome (I like Dome, but we didn't need 2 remakes)

7. Weapon camos are pretty bland.

8. Snipers are completely outclassed.

9. Every match feels the same.

     I'm going to elaborate on the last point, because that one is a bit weird.

     When I play a match on Ghosts, I feel like it's the same match as the last one.  Obviously there is no proof of this, but I feel like there is less variety to the games.  Every map has it's certain spots where there is always someone there.  The maps feel like they are made so that a specific thing happens each time.  For example:

     Prison Break Domination.  The team that spawns next to the guard tower will always have people on top of the cliff overlooking B, because that spot is hugely powerful.  The team that spawns on the stream side will always try to move around their right to the construction area.  The map is obviously unbalanced. 

     In Black Ops 2, I feel that there is more variation.  I see people using most of the AR's, most of the subs, most of the shotguns, most of the snipers, (and just one LMG...) and they are all balanced.  Anybody can use any weapon, and as long as you cater to the strengths of the weapon, you will do well. 

     It's really a shame that I don't enjoy Ghosts, I'm honestly sad that I don't have fun on this game.  It's not even that it's tough to snipe either.  People who have seen me around know that I'm a sniper.  I used the R5 and dominated people, but I just didn't enjoy it as much.  It's not just sniping. 

     To sum it up, the little things in Ghosts make the difference.  Little things make this game tire faster than others.  It's back to the Deuces for me.

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Re: Why I'm going back to Black Ops II

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To each his own... but I just find it ironic that last year at this time, people were saying how bad Black Ops II was and how they were going back to MW3.

The year before, People said they were leaving MW3 for Black Ops. Year before that, leaving Black Ops for MW2.

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Re: Why I'm going back to Black Ops II

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The shotguns are OP cant even play BO2. I lose gun fights to a pistol using a smg.Black ops 2 is shit.Ghost is 100 times better than lag ops 2, but I prefer MW3 over them both.

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Re: Why I'm going back to Black Ops II

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1. Maps have greater mix with the new DLC maps (increased quantity of small maps) and the larger wons give a slower pace to you know strategize.

2. You forgot the Honey Badger its another gun babies like you cry about, I dont have a problem melting people with my FAD, MSBS, K7, Vector, MK14, just because they are the most popular DOES NOT mean they are the best.

3. Agree in TDM spawns are bad but DOM is much better.

4.Thats actually a good thing, you need to make sure your in the best position to win an engagement when traveling around the map. You should not be able to just run around like a chicken with its head cut-off sponging bullets along the way.

5. There actually pretty fun especially the Predator. Something new to the game.

6. strikezone plays NOTHING like dome and unearthed AT ALL. even if it is a reskin it plays way different.

7. Camos are pretty cool especially Body count and war cry.

8. Snipers are deadly at range, for what there meant to be used for and just because QS is so easy a 3 year old can do it in blops2 does not make it better.

9. umm what? Is it supposed to not be an fps every match? lol.

go ahead leave you wont be missed, join the rest of the scrubs who aren't good enough to be good at ghost 

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Re: Why I'm going back to Black Ops II

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Honestly Sebrod10, I valued your opinion until the last line of your post.  I can have an educated discussion (not argument) with people who disagree with my opinion, but not with a hater.  However, I will still respond in an educated manner.

1. I agree with your point, but I still think that many are too large.

2. I also agree with this point.  Popular is not always best, because in skilled hands, any weapon will be deadly.

3. You agreed with me here, and I agree that Dom is better, not nothing more to say.

4. I can see where you're coming from, but I think that with a longer time to kill, the more skillful player wins more often, making skill a larger point.  In Ghosts, there are people with high KD's and low KD's.  Very few in between (in my experience).

5. The Predator is new and exciting, but Chuck E Cheese's is also exciting.

6. I thought that Strikezone plays a lot like Dome. Perhaps I play it like Dome because I know that it is a remake, therefore making me feel like it plays like Dome.  Hopefully you understood that sentence, it's a bit confusing.

7. Yes, Body Count and War Cry are really sweet, but the DLC camos have nothing on BO2.  Circuit camo is like a failed remake of Cyborg.

8. I'm honestly having trouble sniping on BO2.  I'm barely going positive.  When I reg gun, I don't have a problem with snipers, so it's obviously not that easy.  After all, If I had bank, I could train a Chimp to quickscope, so a 3 year old could technically do it, just not that well.

9. What I meant by this point is that every map has it's own set play-style, with very little originality. 

So I'll leave, not be missed, and I'll just be a scrub with a 1.7 KD and a 1.5 W/L ratio and 30% accuracy with the R5, because those stats aren't impressive at all.  And no, I don't really care about stats.  They are side-effects of being a veteran gamer.

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Re: Why I'm going back to Black Ops II

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It pretty much is first to see is first to kill but thats because the game keeps catering to the run and gun multi purpose assults and subs.

I really dont see the connection between dome and strikezone. Dome was awesome and id love to have it back. Mw3 maps were pretty darn good imo.

The shotguns are are nothing like mw3, which were pretty powerful and had crazy range but i still enjoyed it.

Maps are CRAZY big and not well thought over. Tremor is just awful, storm front prob just a tad bit big but still ok, Siege..why? flooded cant stand it, chasm too much running to get somewhere when the spawns change so you run back to have it happen again. prison break i think isnt bad, strikezone is a fun map with alot of action and octane as big as it is plays fair good if you have a vmr sight on and the enemy doesnt rush around back and forwards like little shites.

Not getting into the dlc 1 as i think its pretty good and havent played enough of dlc 2 to really comment

Maniac with a gun is overkill, spawns are random-ish and still find myself spawning 10m in front of someone running in my direction behind me

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Re: Why I'm going back to Black Ops II

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See, the problem here is people play too mindlessly. Of course when playing 14 or 5+ iterations of the same game, being mindless will get boring, until the next shiny title comes out.

I bet it wouldnt be boring for you if you implemented creativity into it. I mean dont think about having fun as childish, have captain price? enemy have makarov?  I would talk like captain price and wait for my opportunity to take him out, just like in MW3.

With the map being un-balanced in Prison break, Id certainly hope thats the case. Because instead of just playing think about it.

If you cant do this, then you probably shouldnt be gaming for much longer, it will only lead to problems in your life.

In Search and destroy, one site is in gatehouse, and the other in a weak rock wall with a drainpipe. Now this could be obviously missed, but think about it in this scenario:

Imagine a teammate who is off-line, is being held captive in the prison. You need to obviously not die, but detonate the bomb, get in, and get your guy out safely. Make a plan with your team, and move accordingly, locking down any/every position eliminating hostiles along the way. Most people dont play that way, because others dont.

"But thats ridiculous!" some say... Let me ask you: Would you worry about lemmings calling you a sissy for not following the rest of your kind off the cliff?

See, each year you will do this, because you have YOUR imagined perfect FPS, this will never happen until you make it yourself.

One tip: The theme song for this game is called "Survival"

So try playing the way the song suggests. Something dont work? Someone using c4 shield?? Someone with tracker sight?


Adapt to your surroundings, the environment (in this case XBOX LIVE, and the COMMUNITY of players) and prepare yourself, dont just survive, thrive, be ready for anything and everything, this cannot be done in one game, thats why you prepare, and learn popular playstyles. They dont give you 100 classes to make the same 4 exact loadouts in every soldier.

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Re: Why I'm going back to Black Ops II

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See you nailed it on the head.

People ask me what my favorite CoD is... and I have a hard time answering.

I like each title for different reasons. Each has strong and weak points. But when they come out, I stick with them during their cycle. Why? Because they each present different challenges. Sure, sometimes I will go back for some nostalgia...but you don't advance as a player if you keep stepping backwards.

Black Ops 2 made me really learn to be more tactical with it's fast pace. It really ended up suiting my play style quite nicely and I have the best overall stats of any CoD game in that title. With Ghosts, I was able to use a lot of the same things I learned and adapt it to the somewhat slower pace, which enables me to play the game at the speed I want, and not let the enemy dictate play.

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Re: Why I'm going back to Black Ops II

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I totally agree!  BO2 was the first COD game I ever played.  I got used to playing at a fast pace, and when I first played Ghosts it was disappointing.  I didn't quit playing it though, I adapted and changed my play style.  I like to think that Ghosts is a little more realistic in the aspect that people in combat aren't rushing their opponents.  I feel that strategy is even more important in Ghosts, and I like that.  In BO2, I could pretty much just run and gun and not think twice about being killed in the process.  There weren't many spots for the opponents to be, so I knew where to look.  It was sooo easy, and Ghosts is more of a challenge because of the large maps and graphics.  I did get my fix of the fast paced play style in Cranked. 

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Re: Why I'm going back to Black Ops II

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I really like your post. It shows that you have your own opinion and are willing to state it without resorting to curse words, all caps, or ridiculous use of exclamation/interrogation signs.

I'm probably the only one who will like or give your post a good review, and even though I do not agree with the entirety of your opinion, I enjoyed reading every word of it because you came and did what you said you would without blaming or bitching.

Thanks for being part of what makes, rather than breaks, a forum post.

I play both BO2 and Ghosts and have found that it is fun to keep it this way when I have time. If I don't have time I do not play either. The games do handle differently and on some days it is tough to switch from one to the other since BO2 is more fast-paced but it's almost always worth it; unless I land against a team that is filming their next YouTube "trick video," that is.

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