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Community Features

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Greetings everyone, 

We are committed to continually expanding and developing our new community forums, but we also know many people have been asking about many of the new features and how to effectively use all of the options given to you as a regular community member. In this thread we will explain many of those features and settings, and how to utilize them. This thread will be continually updated over time. 


Table of Contents


Post Options

Sorting Threads

Search Tool
Account Profile Settings




Notification Settings
There are several different ways to receive notifications in the community forums and it is all done through your Community Settings. This section contains information on Subscriptions, Notifications, Post History, Private Messages and where to access all of that. 

1. Click on your profile picture on the top right and click on Community Settings

Settings 2.PNG
















2. From there you will be taken to a Settings area, with options to modify Personal Information, Preferences, Avatars, Macros and Subscriptions & Notifications. Click on Subscriptions & Notifications.


Notifications Area.PNG





















In this area you will see many settings already checked off or set to default. To change any Email Notifications review the Notify me of section to choose when you would like to receive an email notification for any replies, posts, responses, likes or several other related to posts you create or subscribe to. 


If you want all posts you participate in to be automatically subscribed to you can do so here in General Settings. 

  • Notifications Alerts 

Once you configure your email notifications and general settings in this area of your Community Settings, you may then be wondering where you can see Notifications on the forums themselves.

On your profile picture on the top right corner in between the Support and Purchase buttons (On a PC) you will see a circle with a number in it to indicate how many notifications you have received and not reviewed yet. 


 Profile New.PNG


Once you click on your profile picture you will be presented with a variety of links, but it will also show you what types of notifications you've received. These notifications can come in the form of private messages, posts you are subscribed to, other people liking your content, or even just your profile leveling up. 


Profile Drop Down.PNG



























Click on the bell, on the left, and it will take you to the Notification Feed. 

Notification feed.PNG
















Clicking on the Message Icon in the center and it will take you to your Private Messages, while the chat bubble on the right will show you your Post History. 

Post History.PNG





















Post Options

Many of the most evident new features of the community comes in the form of post options. This section encompasses how to post pictures, videos, insert spoiler tags, and how to add a signature to your posts. For all photos, gifs, and videos please make sure they do not violate the Community Forums Guidelines.


Pictures & Videos
Whenever you create a topic, send a private message, or reply to a user on any of the Activision Community forums you will get the option insert a picture, vodei or a gif into your post. You can do this through three different methods: 


  • Uploading Photos

One of the main options for inserting a photo into your post or message is to upload it from your computer or device. This is done by clicking on the Photos button when you are using the editing tools for message. That will take you to the screen below:

Upload 1.PNG

To upload merely click on Choose Files and then select the image you want to upload from your computer. 

Additionally, you can also insert an image by clicking on the URL tab and then entering an applicable image url into the prompt.

Upload URL.PNG

After selecting either of these uploading options you then pick two different options for formatting. 

Option 1: 
Size indicates the how large or small your image will be once inserted into the post, which can be later edited after inserting it into the post.

Option 2: 
Position allows you to pick the position of the image once inserted into the post or message. You can have it be positioned on the left side, center, or right side of the post. 


Lastly, you can add a caption to the image by clicking Add a Caption under the thumbnail of the picture in the upload screen. 


  • Using Gifs 

To use gifs in your posts you can Upload them through the Photos button. All of the same instructions from uploading Photos apply, except the rules are slightly different. 

-Each gif needs to be 3 megabytes or less. 

-Each gif needs to be a .Gif file type, even for URL purposes. 
-All gifs can be uploaded from your computer or inserted via URL 

Example: ( 














  • Uploading Videos

Similar to uploading Photos, for videos you can insert them into any post, but they can only be done through URL. There is no option to upload a video file from your computer. To start, on any post or message click on the Video button. You will then see the following screen:

Video Upload.PNG


After uploading through a Video URL you can click on preview to see all of the formatting options. 

Option 1: 
Video Size indicates the how large or small your video will be once inserted into the post, which can be later edited after inserting it into the post.

Option 2: 
Video Alignment allows you to pick the position of the image once inserted into the post or message. You can have it be positioned on the left or right side of the post. 


After selecting these options you can insert your video into the post or message and then edit it from there. 


  • Spoiler Tags 

When you wish to post something that may be a spoiler, you can now use a Spoiler Tag to give people the choice as to whether or not they wish to look at that spoiler to look at that content. 


Applying a Spoiler Tag simply requires you to highlight the text you wish to hid and then click on the Spoiler Tag button in the editing tools. It is located just to the right of the Video button and and it looks like an exclamation mark inside a triangle. By using it you will get something like this: 

Spoiler Tag Test 
  • Signatures

By adding a signature to your profile any time you create a post or a private message, or reply to one, it will automatically add your signature to the bottom of that.


1. To access this area first click on your profile picture on the top right and scroll down to Community Settings.

Settings 2.PNG














2. After clicking on Community Settings go to Personal, and then Personal Information





















3. On this page scroll down to Signature and on there you may enter whatever message you wish to convey in your Signature. For signature content please refer to our Community Forums & Guidelines


Additionally, if you wish to change whether or not you can see the signatures of other users then head to Preferences and Preference Options


  • Reply Types 

When you are engaging in a post by another member of the community you can reply to their post in two different ways:

Option 1: Quick Reply 
When you want to reply to a post and aren't planning to create a large response then you may want to use Quick Reply. This funcition immediately opens up a reply box below the post you are looking at and gives you an option to respond immediately without loading anything. 






















 This option is great if you just want to send out a quick text only response. Do note that Quick Reply gives you no formatting tools what so ever. 

Option 2: Default Reply 
This is the type of reply you are used to seeing on any forum and it opens up a full response box filled with editings tools. 


Normal Reply.PNG

























With this option you have all of the tools at your disposal that were previously described in this section. Additionally, this option allows you add quotes, gives you a spellchecker option, and shows you what post you are replying to at the bottom. 



Sorting Threads 

When you are viewing any thread on the forums you have a few different options to sort the threads the replies and posts on that specific thread. First, to access any of those options, you will need to click on Topic Options on the right side of any post. 


Sort Options 2.PNG















Option 1: Sort Oldest to Newest

-This option will reorganize the thread so that the first posts you will see will be the oldest posts in that thread. 


Option 2: Sort Newest to Oldest 
-This option will reorganize the thread so that the first posts you will see will be the newest posts in that thread. 


  • Sorting All Threads on a Forum 

While the previous topic related to sorting an individual post or thread, you can also sort based on an entire section of a forum. 

When viewing an individual forum section, like Black Ops 3 General Discussion, Advanced Warfare Clan Recruitment, COD Heroes Support, or any specific forum area you should see a Topic Options button displayed. Click on that button. 


Topic Options 1.PNG






















On this Topic Options drop down you can see a variety of options related to subscribing, moving items or marking threads, but you can also sort how threads are presented to you. There are two options for sorting threads in any forum section: 

Option 1: Sort by Topic Start Date

-This option will show all threads based on when they were originally created, so at the top of your list will be the threads most recently created. 


Option 2: Sort by Latest Post Date 
-This option will show all threads based on when the latest reply was. Choose this option if you want to see threads at the top with the most recently activity. 

When viewing the Topic Options drop down it will only show you the Sort By option for whatever you do not have currently selected. For instance, if you see Sort by Topics Start Date then that means you currently have it set to Sort by Latest Post Date (the default). 




Search Tool 

Whether you are searching for users, posts, or anything on the forums there is one place you should go: the search tool. This tool is located on the top right corner of any forums, as seen below, and it is located next to your profile picture. You do not need to be logged in to use this feature. 


Activision Search Tool 2.png










  • Quick Search 

When clicking on the search tool once it will open up a box for you to do a search. Type anything into this area and it will populate a drop down list of possible matches.















  • Detailed Search 

If you are looking for a more detailed way to search the forums in any particular way then double click on that search icon to open up the detailed search screen.

Detailed search tool 1.PNG






















By default this tool will be searching for posts, but if you click on the Users tab you can then search for user profiles. Additionally, you can sort by the types of posts you are seeing with a variety of options and you can click on Advanced on the far right side of the page to select even more specifications for the search.  

An important part of your Activision Community profile is your Account Profile page. From there youc an link social media and game accounts, both of which help members of Activision Support assist you with a variety of issues and they may also be needed with certain promotions. 



Account Profile Settings 

 An important part of your Activision Community profile is your Account Profile page. From there you can link social media and game accounts, both of which help members of Activision Support assist you with a variety of issues and they may also be needed with certain promotions. You can also change some basic profile settings in this area, like your username. 


  • Account Linking

1. In order to link your accounts first login and then on the top right of any Activision Community area click on your profile picture. 

Profile Select.PNG
















2. Clicking on that will give you a drop down menu with profile options, click on Account Profile


Account Profile select.PNG























3. From here you will see a variety of options related to your account, like username and email, but also a section for Consoles and another for Social

4. Scroll over any listed account and then click on it. From there you will be prompted to go to the website for that and will be asked to login. 

Game Account page.PNG























5. After successfully logging on the applicable website your game or social account will now be linked. 

  • When using an Activision profile you may only have one social or game account linked per profile. For example, you may not have multiple Steam, Twitter or Nintendo accounts linked. 
  • If you wish to unlink your account just simply click on a linked account in Account Profile and then you should see a prompt to unlink. 

For any issues with linking your account please contact a community  moderator or admin. 


  • Changing your Username 

If you wish to change your forum username you can do now do so through the same area of your profile. Follow the previously described steps to access your Account Profile and then once there locate the following area: 


Game Account Page 2.PNG




















Now locate the Forum Name section on the right and click on Edit

After you click on Edit you will see box open up that allows you to erase and type in a new username as long as you re-enter your password. Once you've re-entered your password and assigned a new username then click Save Changes

Lastly, log out of your profile and then log back in. Afterwards you should now see your new username displayed. 


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