Infinite Warfare campaign is lagging on PC. How to fix%3F

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Infinite Warfare campaign is lagging on PC. How to...

I just reinstalled the game on my PC but Im having problems with the Infinite Warfare campaign. The game keeps lagging all over the place. I tried to lower the setting but so far i have no luck.Strangely enough this did not happen before and I had a smooth ride on my last playthrough. Did some recnt update screw it up by mistake? Anyone have suggestions?

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Re: Infinite Warfare campaign is lagging on PC. Ho...

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Hey there, 


Thanks for reaching out. Lets go ahead and try the following. 


1. Make sure that all virus software, firewalls, and blockers are inactive. 

2. make sure that all drivers are up todate. I have seen that this can occur when there are out of date drivers. 


I hope this has helped, please feel free to reach out through our social media channels should you need more assistance. Thanks so much for your support.

- Best regards ^VH


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