Kurse CLan Recruitment Ps3

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Kurse CLan Recruitment Ps3

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#Kurse Clan RC

If you are interested in joining Kurse Clan follow these steps

1.Kurse recruit' s trickshotters 1v1ers normal snipers and we need editors

2.If you want to join trickshotters add Kurse_Trapz

3.If you want to join 1v1ers add Kurse_Swayzi

4.A mic is not needed

5.#Trickshot TryOUt You have to hit a 720 Nac Swap crossmap 

6.#1v1 TryOut You have to atleast hit a 3peice spawntrap or have a good groundgame


7.#Leaders Kurse_Swayzi & Kurse_Trapz        Black OPs 2 Ps3 Clan

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