Team Viral Clan RC {XB1 & PS4}

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Team Viral Clan RC {XB1 & PS4}

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Hello my name is Kryptic. I am a Comp/Pubstomber. I have a clan called Team Viral. Team Viral is a multi-CoD Competive and Pubstombing Clan..


Team Viral plays Black ops 2 & 3, Call of Duty:Infinite Warfare, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and, Call of duty Modern Warfare Remastered. 


Team Viral plays COMPETIVE & PUBS...De-Ats, Nukes, and DNA's!


Contact me below if intrested 

Twitter-KrypticGamingT or ViralGaming9



We also have a Youtube!

Team Viral 70 subs 

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