What are your "Go To" Classes

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What are your "Go To" Classes

What are your "Go To" Classes


KBAR3-Igloo Buster

Elo, Grip, Quickdraw and Rifiled Barrel 





Nv4 Fallout

Elo, Grip, Quckdraw and Suppressor 


Personal Radar 





I'm also thinking of envesting jn The Bunker Buster...Thoughts?

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Re: What are your "Go To" Classes

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Bunker Buster is the Igloo Buster (isn't it?), why get the Bunker if you already have the Igloo? Unless you don't need anything else..


My go to lately is the Trencher..I only have the common that gives stability (forgot the name off hand) I run it with ELO, emags, QD, and RB..Blind Eye+dexterity, scavenger..no third perk..

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Betreff: What are your "Go To" Classes

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Just doing some challenges on weapons I rarely used the last couple of weeks. So my current go to class is...


VPR Sting (IMO sh*t weapon lol)

quick draw


silencer or fmj


also doing challenges I missed on tier 1- 3 , so I use...


perk 1 - overclock

perk 2 - scavenger

perk 3 - gung ho


howitzer as secondary also for challenges lol

trip wire

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Re: What are your "Go To" Classes

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see that first class you posted? yeah thats one of my sweat classes except bunker not igloo. dont waste your salvage they are the same gun. 




raw solar powered:




blind eye - scavenger



mauler ruin: 




dexterity - hardline


besides challenges and messing around you can usually catch me using one of those three.

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Re: What are your "Go To" Classes

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My goto classes, depends on what I am doing. 


General Purpose: 

Auger Pulverizer: Thermal, Stock, FMJ

Oni Fortuitous

Blind eye, cold blooded, gun-ho

Cluster grenade/Smoke Grenade

Merc Man at arms/bull charge



Titan Warden: VMC, Quickdraw, Stock

spartan launcher

Blind eye, hard line, Gun-ho

cluster grenade/jammer grenade

Warfighter, Overdrive/resupply 



Trencher Blitzkreig, 

stock, rifled barrel

RVN Braincase Bruiser

Dexterity, hardline, hardwired

Cluster Grenade,  jammer grenade

warfighter claw/resupply 


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