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I've played all the betas which includes the Indian, the Australian, and Canada together with Austrialian. From my experience of using gyroscope, it is annoying and frustrating. There was no improvement from the updates at all. I feel like gyroscope is included in the game just to say that the game offers it, but in reality it is a broken feature.


I am a gyroscope player from PUBG mobile which I believe has the best gyroscope controls. I use gyroscope as my main way to aim as I do not like playing with more than my two thumbs because it isn't comfortable for me. 


I do hope that in the upcoming updates that this issue will be solved, I have my friends and other people that play with gyroscope told me that this game has trash gyroscope and I completely agree. 


Devs, please learn from a game that is already successful implementing this feauture(PUBG Mobile). Have someone test out PUBG Mobile's gyroscope, but this will also be a failure if that someone doesn't know what they're fixing, if that someone doesn't understand gyroscope.

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