Halloween lucky draw is too expensive

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After seeing the new Halloween lucky draw, i was happy. You can get 10 items for sure and with the decent amount of CP as well. But after i bought first one, it went to 80, then to 200 and then to 400. After that i stopped cause it would be 800, then 1600 and so on. Why?? Are they really than money hungry? Don't get me wrong, the amount of free stuff we get, is ***** good and i know it's just cosmetics but still. At least it should have been like 10 to 20 to 40 to 80 and so on. 

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Takes 200$ to get to the 'outrider' outfit lucky draw ... Greedy Activision charges lot more than a Halloween store would for a real outfit than a digital outfit. Awesome Captitalist strategy that'll make the fans want to spend lol.haha I woulda been fine with 10$ for the outfit but whatever!!

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