Halloween lucky draw not so "lucky"

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Judging by the community response to the battery skin not disclaimed real odds, i thought different of this event.

Don’t know what I expected. Just an fyi, everyone I have heard from ends up with this. Don’t do the ‘lucky’ spin unless you want to spend 16500 for the last two purples.



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RIP 250 bucks
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Over 200$ needed to spend on a digital Halloween outfit. Thanks LUCKY DRAW . Sure makes me feel lucky -__-"

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can not belive they would rig it like that, this is 100% illigal it is false advertising it is like making a slot machine with a two hundred dolloar pay out, and rigging it to not pay out untill they have spent two hundred dolloars trying. They said right in the info 40% chance to get purples such BS. My review of the game went from a 5 star to a one star that day, its a big company activision tho so they will not get in any trouble its all fine they can do whater they want and never get in trouble. 


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