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First of all thanks for all devs giving such a humongous and very awesome update with the update i understood it has lots of potential. And congratulations on getting 15 million pre registration crossed for for your Chinese version and 80k+ plus registration on garena publishing CODM

So to improvise and enhance game improvement I suggest you the data of bugs and lags and improvisation needed by many players hereI will tell all those data that i collected


*The reload of mag is not happening at once it happens twice while in the game it shows that it's been reloading but it doesn't reload it majorly affects the well going gameplay


*The firing bullets sound continuously through all game in both multiplayer and battle Royale mode, it's continuously keep on sounding that someone keeps firing bullet for long time it's just hard to penetrate while in the game


*Camera is very shaking in battle Royale both both tpp and fpp

For example :While driving all vehicles it seems that it's very shaking can't be fixed in a place it's hard to control

And even in firing bullets to the enemy it seems very shaking i don't know it's because of recoil or something but it's very shaking the camera perspective view gets more unwanted movement that which players didn't perform

And for some guns without guns it's easy to aim and shoot but when we put the scope especially 3* scope it's shaking every scope is been shaking a lot even in m21 ebr and arctic 50 When we use HIP fire it's normal but when we take ADS with scope it's hard to aim it's strange thing really very big strange thing cuz scope should give you clear aim but it's opposite here.


*In multiplayer while when we do sudden prone and try to shoot the ADS turns to HIP for no reason 


*We need better control layout built up cuz when we play for one hour It's very painful and can't continue the game so we need changes in that.


*Final kill cam shows mostly wrong makes doubt like hacker so to avoid mistaken reports you should change that lot of players judge with final kill cam and need to change


*Yup there are many hackers so if we need to relook how we get killed the time is very short so i think you should extend or remove the automatic respawn time cuz you devs gave option for double tap to respawn so if you Remove automatic respawn time we can clearly see and can whether the player is hackers or not.


*In battle Royale modes like drone defend and ninja those modes or great but sometimes it's failed to operate 

For example: when we do scout it doesn't operate but it shows like it's operating but it's not deployed amd drone sometimes failed to detect enemies got killed lot cuz of that and clown is good and ninja too they're operating well.


*Should optimize the physics of both vehicles and gun in battle Royale and guns in MP too it's very stange to operate and sometimes it's gets automatically changed so it needs to change.


*In battle Royale sometimes screen gets complete black while in mid of the game but everything else operates like firing jumping and crouching but screen turns out to black.


*And again most players gets infuriated cuz of the level matching of players in game and sometimes when we go to the match it's already been started and enemy team gets high kills the matching is worst in both MP and BR in future you should take huge step to optimize this


*In this update sounding is real good but sometimes it's very noisy the HD sound effects gets automatically to low quality sounds it's hard to penetrate.


* And other huge bug the frame drops automatically in my phone it supports very high graphic but in mid of the game it automatically drops and it's not recovering.


*TPP mode needs to optimize lot in battle Royale the player moment is weird and it's like cartoon fpp is good but TPP is highly worse it's very weird movement most of the players hate tpp mode.


*With this update the battle Royale is well colorized but whenever it comes to game it doesn't feel like realistic it's like animated gameplay the building structure and colors are not matched the colors for view is good but it's like you polishing one color to all areas the color is not lively it's like you only have three colors for the whole map we need more colors for building and lot of arenas the one thing that color you added in estate in isolated map is good it's look lovely it's like purple flowers like that we need more colors in more areas.


*We need more skins in guns and clothing and vehicles lots of them are ready to buy the skins but i know you guys need crate system it's ok but getting of epic skins is less than 1 percentage i mean it's really weird and hateful we were ready to get the crate with real money but you should respect us by giving epic skins within 5 openings of crate lots of players ready to buy the crate but the epic skins percentage is very very low so we hate that. But we need more skins it's really awesome and lovely.



Note :This too is been collected from many players

*In both mp and BR mode when we get gun skin it's not looking lively the skins are blurry and it's like some cheap colors added the quality is missing we hate that buying out for real money but it's not viewable to both the player and enemy so it's very big disappointment


*In battle Royale mode whenever we wear vest the whole body of the players is only with those vests in future you gonna bring clothing skins but if that's the thing whenever we wear vests it's hidden so what's the purpose of getting skins for not viewable to anyone so many players suggested that whenever we get vest it's automatically fixed inside the clothing skin like the vest is not viewable and the color skin is viewable lots of them suggested this but we need this to change in future.

And we need characters for real money not just getting luck by opening crates you guys add weapon skins in crate but don't do with same in character skins for example you added Terrence Brooks in crate but not for real money that's disgusting the character looks great we need characters for open in real money


*And lastly you should bring Strong anticheat system there are lots of hackers before the global release so i need you to take serious steps regarding that



So that's all for now in future i will collect data and will send to your view 


And really appreciate and congrats the devs team for great work i hope you guys give best.

Thank you.

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