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Hi im wondering how the id tags are acumulated? 

That said i play everyday many games and i hae got around 200-250 id tags. But at the same time the top person on the leaderbord has over 1.500 id tags. He is not lvl 150 like me and he has over 140 nukes? Thats suspisious ! Right! There is no fun in the game if people cheat amd hack! Its frustrating for the players who play honestly . So please tell me how it works to get1 id tag. Do u get more with diffrent weapons?  Or by knifing? Or headshots? 

It would be great if you guys could tell us the players how to get this there is no info in game!!

and i would really like to know waht is that blue thing in the rewards for the id tag event? It looks like a planet and a moon and thunder ? Please let me know people have to know what the rewards are if they participate 🤘 great game ! Exept i dont like the cross platform because android user cheat and if the game will still be cross platform please do a 110% job of keepin hackers and cheaters out. Thanks 

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u thnk android user are the only cheats lmao 

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