All the complaints why do we still play?

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All the complaints why do we still play?

Dang from what i keep reading i can see this game really is jacked lol. I have had so much crap happen that shouldn't have either due to lag or just the stupid stuff like commando and junk like that most times this game is no fun at all and all i hear from teammates is pure cursing at the game. But if so much junk happens why do we all keep playing??? I think its due to boredom really and not alot out there to choose from. There are Not to many good online shooters and the ones that are good are past their prime like the tom clancy games like Vegas. even BFBC2 has its downsides like vehicles and spawn killing when you don't hold any bases because your on a bad team... and the biggest issue that I am seeing in COD from most people in these post is LAG and Commando.. Really every game out has its pluses and negatives. MW2 isn't gosh awful horrible and neither is Halo nor BF. It just there is one or two things that makes everyone complain about each game.

O for the days of a good online shooter!! Only if we can go back in time to Ubisoft made the online shooters for console..... Oh wait They will be making one this fall Maybe it will be good like the old modern weapon shooters or maybe it will have issues to who knows. Maybe one day a developer will take the good from all the games and make this amazing game everyone will love...

my opinion is that you take the BF servers plus the ranking system of weapons and prestige modes of MW with the playability of first Vegas and the customization of the characters and add in some other details and larger and smaller map sizes and no vehicles with weapons and you would end up with a pretty good game in my opinion.
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Re: All the complaints why do we still play?

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why do we still play.... prolly because its the best FPS game out....

sure BFBC2 maybe a good game, some like halo, but its obvious that MW2 despite its issues is still the #1 multiplayer game on all consoles if im not mistaken
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