Call Of Duty Zombies full seperate game!

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Call Of Duty Zombies full seperate game!

I am posting this in an attempt to catch Treyachs eyes and convince them of a Full Call of Duty: Zombies installation with a story and everything. Nothing much has to be changed. It would be a difficult task, but I believe that it would make many players happy to have had this released.

My thought on it is that, the menu would look a little something like this:








I will describe each mode here.

Within the story category, there will be Solo and CO-op options along with difficulty and CPU players on or off.

Survival is the same as always with difficulty and CPU players along with starting round and ability to toggle certain tests per round on or off.

Grief is the same as always, 8 players no CPU players.

Turned is also the same.

Mirror. Now this one is a bit different but how It plays out is that when started, instead of spawning at the beginning of the map, you are placed on a random round on a different side the map and you are givin the weakest upgraded weapon along with all grenades and must survive from that round you are started in all the way to round one then you begin surviving back up the rounds as far as you can. The catch is the map is in a mirror mode, where everiything is backwards. When you reach round one and survive, the map flips and you play regularly again.

Switched is a mode where four players are the zombies, act like the zombies, walk and run like the zombies and play as the zombie. There are four controlled players and the rest are CPU zombies aong with the as the zombie advance with everyround just as the CPU ones do in survival. You get stronger and faster as the zombies do in survival. The difficult part is the game takes the players past survival stats and induces them in the CPU survivors and they will techincally be trying to kill their ghost selves. The survivors will play like the players and this makes more of a challenge for the zombie players as they are trying to kill the survivors that know what they are doing. It is no easy task.

Finally Endurance is somewhat similar to survival except a few differences. Say you start on one map at round one with the beginning pistol, you advance through the rounds and acquire better weapons and more points. Then you get downed and die. But then you spawn on another  zombie map at the same round, say 23, and you have your weapon and points. You survive as long as you can at that map and you get a better weapon and perks and more points. Then u die at round 35 and spawn at the next map at round 35 with ur weapons and perks and points. You survive that until 56 then you spawn at the last map and survive till round 71. you start up at round 71 on the same map and u go until you die. But as soon as you die that second time, its over and your survival on the leaderboards is saved and updated.

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