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Guys, i really don't like that CoD MW2 is linked to Steam. Well, what i want to say, i hate how Steam's Bans work. I got banned year or almost two ago and i really want to play it again, and i would never hack again because i'm missing playing of it. And that you won't think i hacked using like Aimbot and stuff, i just used "Gamemodes" from hack called "MW2 Libretation". I really never,never want to hack again, but now i can't play anymore. Their VAC ban sucks. They should make it that first it bans you for year or two, second ban is permanent. That would be really fair, because some players can find out that hacking is not good and they are sorry for hacking(like me). I really wish CoD MW2 would be standalone or at least VAC bans would be like i said. Is there anything you can do about it? I'm really sorry for hacking but if there is any chance, please tell me.

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