Do You Need A Clan?

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Do You Need A Clan?

Hello, Are You In Need For A Clan? Well I Have One For You. The Clan Name Is NerdHQ We Are A New Clan We Literally Have Been Founded For Around 6 Hours (February 6th, 2013). All You Need To Do Is Go Apply At This Url ----> If You Can't Click The Link Just Put It Into The Search Bar. What Are Clan Is About Some May Ask. Are Clan Is About Being An Actual Clan Family And Being There For Eachother When We Need Them Most. And I Know Most People Say "Ohh I Will Be Your Family Till The End" And Then They Never Show Up For You. But We Dont Really Have A Set Class Just Use What Ever You Like To Do. We Have Ranks So Be On The Look Out For Those And I Will Be There For You Only when Im On If You Invite Me Boom Im There! We Will Also Have Practice So We Can Work Better As A Team. So If You Are In Need Of A Clan Come Join Us And You Could Possibly Be Ranked You In Just A Little Time :]


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Re: Do You Need A Clan?

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What game(s) are you covering in your clan bud?

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