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I have seen and heard so many people talk in game and post online about the Akimbo perk, Commando Perk, Party chat and a few other stupid changes IW put into this new version of the game. The game itself is not a bad game when your not in a laggy game which seems to be a good portion of the time unlike the first MW when we hardly ever had a bad lag. Don't know who all would agree but here is my opinion of the crappy stuff they need to fix in this game.

Commando is one of my biggest issues I see. I am finding that you can shot a person that uses this perk and still as long as they are in the motion of using it can’t Kill them. I mean come on this is totally BS and makes this game less fun when people are just walking around knifing people because they turn the corning and get you even while you are shooting them. One Perk I would love to see them Remove or fix.

Akimbo. I am tired of getting killed by people with Akimbo shotguns from halfway across the board. I thought they had fixed this issue a month ago but I guess not. Akimbo shouldn’t even be on a shotgun let along even in the game unless its solely on pistols. If I wanted to play dual wielding weapons I would be playing Halo. I wanted a military type game not universal soldier. They really need to either remove it from at least the shotguns or tone it down to were you have to be right up on the target to get a kill.

Another issue I am having is silenced Sniper rifles. What is up with a silenced .50 cal especially not one shooting or 2 shooting a person. I have been right up on a person and had them do the same to me in a game and it take 4 or so shots with a silenced sniper. I’m sorry 1 shot with a .50 you’re a goner.

Also what is up with so many laggy games on this addition of MW. I never had this issue with the first game. I know its not just me because I hear it all the time when I actually don’t mute everyone in a game because you can’t use party chat anymore which is another WTF. I know it was removed from what I understand because of cheating but people are going to find ways of cheating. When I have a group of 3 or more friends playing together I would like to talk just to them and not have to put everyone on mute while letting them hear our conversation because Im sure they really want to hear it. Unlike R6:Vegas I haven’t really seen people work together let alone need to on this game. IW really needs to put Party Chat back into this game Especially with Tom Clancy and EA making games to rival this one. And really just with Tom Clancy making a game because I really don’t see Battlefield doing much damage because of the vehicles. But you never know I hear many people online talk about how pissed they are getting at MW2 and its crap that needs fixed so. But then again I guess they made their millions so do they really care if people stop playing?

Like I said though its still a good game at heart just few issues that really could be resolved.

I have seen some post though from FourZeroTwo about stuff to be added like emblems and such.

I think it would be nice to have a Phoenix as a symbol or some WWII emblems from the bombers, jets, and marine groups. Like the emblem off the Memphis Bell. I know this is a Modern Warfare game but they had some cool stuff then. Maybe even add university or greek letters. Then say a UK fan just beat down a UT fan you can show it or if a TKE beat down a PiKA or SAE. I also think it would be cool to redo some of the old boards from MW, and COD 3 or WaW. There was actually some fun boards to play there. You could even maybe add some more weapons or gagets
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